Robin Miller is a professional Sedona musician and recording artist
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Sedona is known throughout the world for its beauty and its art. Sadly though, it seems the only art being paid attention to by the city are the visual arts as compared to the musical.

Basically, Chicky and I are not working musicians as we have day jobs but Robin and Eddie are and that’s how they make their living.

With the city of Sedona strictly enforcing its sound codes, outlets for live performances in Sedona are drying up and so is the income stream for the professional musicians here.

As a result, the working musicians in town are going to Cottonwood or Flagstaff and taking their fans with them.

Sedona needs to support all the artist in the community for it is the art that draws so many to this wonderful city, one of the most beautiful in the world.

And art is not just something you look at but what you listen to as well.

The beauty of a live performance is that you get to hear the music and watch the performer too — art in the present tense being created for you.

In order for the musicians and the businesses that employ and provide an outlet for their performances to gain respect in the city, it will take an organized political effort. That means musicians and their fans need to register to vote and form a voting block to support a candidate that will support them.

But the town has a new mayor now. Perhaps she will find a way to loosen the reins and encourage the city to do more in supporting live music in Sedona.

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